Un Perfecto - diciembre 2008

feliz propietario de un Exo 1000 durante más de un mes le doy mi opinión sobre este casco:
comodidad, no un casco, incluso a alta velocidad, hizo todo satisfecho
visor y ver la apertura visual del casco es un garante de la seguridad, la vista lateral mucho mejor que otros cascos, visera perfecto, sólo critica el sistema de mini apertura de la visera es muy sensible cierre “automático” no siempre se desea una muesca …
más por la clavija de metal en el cierre final habría sido más sencilla y fiable
Yugular: nada que decir
Visor interior solar muy práctico, pero no muy oscuro origen, la compra obligatoria
modelo de fumar, pero no caro …
En resumen un producto perfecto que yo recomiendo la compra de alrededor de mí
Saludos cordiales
X Fesancieux

Scorpion helmet saved my life - thank you!

I had an accident with my motorcycle about 5 months ago, precisely on 12th april (easter).
Injuries that I had from accident was very seriously:

  • skull rupture
  • heavy concussion of brain
  • three broken ribs
  • contusion of lungs
  • contusion of 1 kidney

My rehabilitation was aproximately 4 months. Now I'm ok, but not 100% prepared for all obligations that I have in my everyday life. I started to work and everythings gonna be ok.

The Scorpion helmet saved my life and I just want to say thanks to everyone in Scorpion. In the attachment you can find few pictures of my old helmet and a picture of me with memory on that day.

Scorpion's gonna always be my number one helmet and my choice for life!!!

Franjo Patriot – www.mk-patriot.com

WBlue Ribbon Coalition Gladiator...

Don Amador, Blue Ribbon Coalition gladiator fighting for off-road land use in the motorcycle industry wears Scorpion helmets. Thanks Don, for all your hard work we at Scorpion and the public appreciate your efforts.

"...Your Products Rock!"

Hi, I have got to tell you folks… I own three (3) Scorpion Jackets the XDR Commander, the Hat Trick, & the Cool Rod! As well as the EXO-700 Helmet! Your Products Rock!! When I am on the bike, I live in the XDR Commander Jacket! The comments from people who see me in this jacket always want to know where I got it from! I am proud to tell them about your company and web site. I will never Buy a helmet from another manufacturer ever again. Your EXO-700 is Awesome. Thank You for such an excellent product, I recommend you guys to every biker I meet!

Jeff Wrede

I am officially Scorpions #1 fan

OM God !!! I love my leathers !!! They fit amazing !!! Every body wants a pair. There were about 150 riders this weekend, and they all want a pair of my Scorpion leathers !!! Thank you so much for making this happen. I love them !! So much in fact I want to get a second back up set. I am so in love with Scorpion, I might get a Scorpion tattoo. Your products are amazing, and I am officially Scorpions #1 fan. Thank you SO MUCH !!!


Thanks to you!!!

I am Alive and that's because when I crashed my bike, I was wearing a Scorpion Exo 1000 !

On 23 March 2011 a car have cut my road and I crashed my 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa,
my leg is broken in two part, I have several injuries but the firemen say that my helmet is probably one of the best in the world because they never see someone survive to a so hard crash, my bike was cutted in two parts!!!

I'm from france and here is the press article of the accident.