EXO-2000 AIR technical video

SpeedShift® Shield Technology

Changing the visor is child’s play! A world premiere on the Scorpion Exo® and available as standard throughout the on-road range (modular Exo-900 Air), the SpeedShift® visor system allows for quick changes in less than 10 seconds, this while remaining perfectly sealed as the visor retracts inward and against the seal. With the visor open, its enough to just turn the two twist grips by 1/4 to remove it. To replace it the operation is just as simple. The visor clips on automatically around the twist grips by simply pressing it on. Simple, reliable and clever.

EverClear® No-Fog Faceshield

Now you can see clearly!! Because good visibility is always a must when riding a motorcycle, all the faceshields in the ScorpionExo® range (except the EXO-100), including the inner sun visors, as well as the optional tinted and mirrored models are treated with EverClear® no-fog coating. Made under licence by the Canadian company specialised in no-fog treatment, that supply the American army, each faceshield is anti-scratch and has a special hydrophobic coating and exclusive, thermo welding, that gets rid of the fog rapidly and effectively.


Aerodynamics are vital in a helmet! This is why during the development of the on-road Scorpion Exo® range, we shaped the models with the help of the Indy Car wind-tunnel of Dan Gurney’s All American Racers. This allowed us to improve the contours of the helmets in a synergy with high-tech ventilation systems, until we obtained the best possible result for each model. Adjustable intake vents in the front send the air into channels moulded into the internal EPS foam liner, as well as on the faceshield. Vents in the rear spoiler evacuate the air while reducing lift and noise.

KwikWick Liners

Keep a cool head even when everything around is chaotic. For ideal comfort, all the ScorpionExo® helmets for the street, open face and off-road models, benefit from liners with the revolutionary, absorbent and breathable, Kwikwick® technology. The humidity from your head and face is absorbed and dissipated immediately, to help you keep a cool head, under all circumstances. Of course, the lining of your Scorpion helmet is easy to remove for placing it directly in the washing machine.