A Perfect Tool - December 2008

Hello, happy owner of an Exo 1000 for over a month I give you my opinion on this helmet:

comfort, not a helmet, even at high speed, did all satisfied
visor and viewing the visual openness of the helmet is a guarantee of safety, side view much better than other helmets, visor perfect, only criticizes the system of mini opening of the visor is very sensitive closure “automatic” not always desired a notch …

more for the metal pin in the end closure would have been more simple and reliable
Jugular: nothing to say
Visor internal solar very practical, but not quite dark origin, compulsory purchase
model of smoking, but not expensive …
In short a perfect product that I recommend buying around me
Best regards
X Fesancieux

Scorpion helmet saved my life - thank you!

I had an accident with my motorcycle about 5 months ago, precisely on 12th april (easter).
Injuries that I had from accident was very seriously:

  • skull rupture
  • heavy concussion of brain
  • three broken ribs
  • contusion of lungs
  • contusion of 1 kidney

My rehabilitation was aproximately 4 months. Now I'm ok, but not 100% prepared for all obligations that I have in my everyday life. I started to work and everythings gonna be ok.

The Scorpion helmet saved my life and I just want to say thanks to everyone in Scorpion. In the attachment you can find few pictures of my old helmet and a picture of me with memory on that day.

Scorpion's gonna always be my number one helmet and my choice for life!!!

Franjo Patriot – www.mk-patriot.com

WBlue Ribbon Coalition Gladiator...

Don Amador, Blue Ribbon Coalition gladiator fighting for off-road land use in the motorcycle industry wears Scorpion helmets. Thanks Don, for all your hard work we at Scorpion and the public appreciate your efforts.

"...Your Products Rock!"

Hi, I have got to tell you folks… I own three (3) Scorpion Jackets the XDR Commander, the Hat Trick, & the Cool Rod! As well as the EXO-700 Helmet! Your Products Rock!! When I am on the bike, I live in the XDR Commander Jacket! The comments from people who see me in this jacket always want to know where I got it from! I am proud to tell them about your company and web site. I will never Buy a helmet from another manufacturer ever again. Your EXO-700 is Awesome. Thank You for such an excellent product, I recommend you guys to every biker I meet!

Jeff Wrede

I am officially Scorpions #1 fan

OM God !!! I love my leathers !!! They fit amazing !!! Every body wants a pair. There were about 150 riders this weekend, and they all want a pair of my Scorpion leathers !!! Thank you so much for making this happen. I love them !! So much in fact I want to get a second back up set. I am so in love with Scorpion, I might get a Scorpion tattoo. Your products are amazing, and I am officially Scorpions #1 fan. Thank you SO MUCH !!!


Thanks to you!!!

I am Alive and that's because when I crashed my bike, I was wearing a Scorpion Exo 1000 !

On 23 March 2011 a car have cut my road and I crashed my 2010 Suzuki Hayabusa,
my leg is broken in two part, I have several injuries but the firemen say that my helmet is probably one of the best in the world because they never see someone survive to a so hard crash, my bike was cutted in two parts!!!

I'm from france and here is the press article of the accident.